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Ep.02: Washington’s Fever Dreams

The Federalist Outpost
The Federalist Outpost
Ep.02: Washington's Fever Dreams

In 1792, George Washington feared the infant republic he’d spent his life creating, was developing cracks. No longer looking across the ocean for enemies, the fledgling democracy was developing partisans – liberals and conservatives. Divided by geographic boundaries and political ideologies, these groups had taken hold within the founding fathers. Washington saw the dangers inherent to political party, and chose to serve a second term. However, by the fall of 1796, the partisans had only grown in number and strength, but Washington was out of time. He warned of party-over-nation, of corruption of purpose and silencing of contrary opinion. But his last plea to hold the country together was fruitless. It was from these cracks that the divide between Republicans and Democrats originated.

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