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Ep.12: British Royalty: The Crown & The NHS

By Andrew Zachary | December 31, 2022

There are two types of royalty in Great Britain: the Monarchy and the National Health Service. Both of these two types of royals are teetering on the edge of existential crises at any given moment, saved only by the grace and apparent good will of the people. But is that a good thing? We’re joined by retired British Government, History & Humanities Lecturer John Gibbs to discuss whether the British Monarchy has any power in the United Kingdom’s government and to debate the applicability of the British socialized medicine model to the United States.

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Ep.11: Fighting Times – An Interview With Jon Melrod

By Andrew Zachary | December 23, 2022

A rebel in the 1960’s and 70s’, Jon Melrod was a political activist and union organizer in one of America’s most turbulent eras. His book, Fighting Times: Organizing on the Front Lines of the Class War, details Jon’s experiences in the midst of student protests and police clashes during the height of national unrest, as well as labor fights with some of America’s most powerful manufacturers. Perhaps most surprisingly, Jon’s story includes the documented efforts of the FBI to black-ball him from employment and stifle his free speech rights as a result of his political beliefs. In this episode, we explore the parallels between the American protest era and the modern political and cultural environment.

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Ep.10: And Trump Never Gets Reelected…

By Andrew Zachary | December 7, 2022

History has already decided that Donald Trump won’t win the 2024 Presidential Election. He’s not even going to be the Republican nominee. Some may believe that Trump’s fall is only a recent development, but the writing has been on the wall for more than a century. Only two people in the history of the United States have run for president after leaving the office: Grover Cleveland and Teddy Roosevelt. One of these men was successful, the other an abject failure. But what happened to Grover and Teddy spells trouble for Donald.

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Ep.09: The Mar-a-Lago Raid – French Revolutions as a Road Map

By Andrew Zachary | August 11, 2022

The August 8th, 2022 raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home marks a new low for the political brinksmanship within the United States. For more than half a decade, the United States has dealt with political turmoil not seen since the 1860’s, if not the 1790’s. Where does this political pendulum end, and what comes next? The French Revolutions of the late 18th and mid 19th centuries may give us a clue as to how all of this ends, and how long it will take for us to get there.

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The Federalist Outpost

Ep.08: Does Brian Flores’ NFL Lawsuit Stand a Chance?

By Andrew Zachary | March 3, 2022

On February 1st, 2022, former NFL head coach Brian Flores filed a class action discrimination lawsuit against the National Football League and several NFL football teams. According to court filings, Mr. Flores claims that several teams intentionally discriminated against Black head coach candidates when making their decision on who to hire. The lawsuit was sparked after New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick accidentally texted Brian Flores instead of Brian Daboll, to congratulate him on being selected to be the New York Giants new head coach. The problem with that was that Brian Flores still had not attended his interview with the Giants, and was the only minority candidate being considered for the position. As a result of Giants’ decision, and despite having just been a …

Ep.08: Does Brian Flores’ NFL Lawsuit Stand a Chance? Read More »

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Ep.07: Aaron Burr vs. Hillary Clinton

By Andrew Zachary | February 16, 2022

Forget Richard Nixon- Aaron Burr has held the dubious honor of being the most scandal-ridden politician in American History. As Thomas Jefferson’s vice presidential candidate, he attempted a political coup against Jefferson after a fluke electoral college tie between the two men, and despite Burr’s prior agreement that his candidacy was limited to the vice presidential role. Burr forced 36 separate votes of the House of Representatives over the course of weeks to break the tie, which eventually favored Jefferson. The conflict resulted in the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring electors to cast separate votes for Presidency and Vice-Presidency, and the loss of Jefferson’s confidence. Burr served his four year term as a marginalized and forgotten vice-president, but before his term was over …

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Ep.06: Politics Get Local: A look at Local Tampa Bay Candidates

By Andrew Zachary | February 4, 2022

As state and municipal elections start to heat up, the eyes of the country have been drawn to local races. Hot button issues like education, COVID restrictions and government overreach have sparked heated debates in city council and school board meetings for the last two years. Andrew sits down to discuss these issues with three Tampa Bay area candidates for state and local office: Dr. Lisette Bonano, who is a Republican running for Florida State House District 63; Mrs. Maura Lanz, also a Republican but running for Florida State House District 62; and Republican Dr. Donna Lynn Cameron-Cepeda, who is running for Hillsborough County Commission, District 5. Dr. Lisette Bonano: A retired military veteran, Dr. Bonano has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is …

Ep.06: Politics Get Local: A look at Local Tampa Bay Candidates Read More »

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The Federalist Outpost

Ep.05: Part 2.5 – Modern Communist Infiltration of the U.S.

By Andrew Zachary | March 20, 2021

Who are the modern communists in the United States? Isn’t socialism just an economic doctrine? In this episode, we look at the rebranding of Soviet Communism to Democratic Socialism, or just simply “Socialism” in modern American politics. Listen in to find out just how related the Democratic Socialists of America are to the Soviet Communists, and how their designs on taking control of the United States are progressing. As always, follow us on Twitter, @Fed_Outpost, or send us a comment to:

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Ep.04: Modern Communist Infiltration of the U.S. – Part 2: Education

By Andrew Zachary | March 7, 2021

The focus of “soft power” modern communist influence in the United States is in our education system. For a hundred years, Soviets style socialists have worked covertly to influence Americans through the indoctrination of their children. The manipulation of racial and ethnic minorities and education systems is well documented back to the 1920’s. Despite the change in the names, the rebranding of Soviet communism to “socialism,” modern communists have succeeded considerably in the past decade to indoctrinate and influence American youth. Organizations like the Confucius Institute and Black Lives Matter are the vehicle of communist propaganda. We explore current curriculums of both organizations in this episode to shine a light on the virtually identical messages Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin delivered to schools a century …

Ep.04: Modern Communist Infiltration of the U.S. – Part 2: Education Read More »

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Moderate Politics

Ep.03: Modern Communist Infiltration of the U.S. – Part 1

By Andrew Zachary | February 22, 2021

Thought dead after the collapse of the the Soviet Union in 1989, communism has been successfully rebranded and covertly infused into American politics and civics, taking a leading role in today’s politics and government. Using the same tools of communist expansion into democracies after World War II, modern communist (now identifying as socialists) have followed the same predictable path into power within the United States. This first part of a five part Federal Outpost series explores the covert communist threat identified by the late John F. Kennedy in the 1960’s, and identifies the first steps taken and the methods used by modern communists. Furthermore, we discuss Solon’s Law on Stasis and the moderate’s approach to stemming the flow of radical politics.

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